About Us

EKS Plastics is a USA headquartered manufacturing company and division of Ekcos Innovations. EKS Plastics has developed innovative plastics products to improve the hygiene and cleaning industry. Moreover, we supply other plastics and packaging solution for many industries, since we have more than 25 years developing successful products we are a trusted worldwide supplier.

If you have special plastic requirements, EKS will help design and develop your products from start to finish. We have a state of the art R&D department in Guadalajara and we are headquartered in Livermore, CA, USA

What We Offer

EKS Plastics provides thermoplastic injection molding often used for prototyping, bridge tooling and industrial manufacturing. We use molds that allow us to eliminate the costly and time-consuming custom engineering that normally goes into the development of tooling which passes on savings to our customers.
Our value-added services mean less work for our customers. By combining decorating and assembly services with molding operations, we can streamline the steps necessary to get to a completed part or assembly. Keeping these Secondary Operations in-house provides us with control over quality, delivery and cost.
Our innovation and development department specializes in accelerate ideas and projects, that fits their needs. Using the developing know-how and technologies in this ever growing industries we work side by side with our customers to define and design the perfect plastic products to meet our customer's needs.